Carte cadeau

Carte cadeau à offrir à la personne de votre choix !

Si vous avez peur de vous mouiller, on a trouvé la solution !
Vous pouvez lui donner la possibilité de choisir l’article de son choix en lui offrant une carte cadeau  D NU D
Votre carte Cadeau vous sera livrée directement par e-mail ou par courrier.

  • Utilisable uniquement sur le site D NU D
  • Possibilité de compléter le montant par un autre moyen de paiement
  • Valable 1 an
  • Utilisable en une seule fois
  • Livraison offerte par colissimo en France métropolitaine

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Our swimsuits we love them

then we wash them carefully by hand.

Rinse them after each use.

to remove chlorine and salt.

Beware of sunscreen and tanning oil

who are not the best friends of swimsuits.


Black is a timeless, which can follow you every day for several seasons, a real essential of your summer wardrobe. You will never tire of it.


White is timeless, ideal for bringing out the tan and never goes out of style.


A deep blue with a slight hint of green, this pretty color can follow you for several summers.


A sky blue inspired by the brightness of lagoons and the depth of the sea.


An azure blue, an intense color that will encourage you to take to the sea.


A duck green, a color that will follow you all summer.


A very dark and deep green that will suit all skin types.


A bright gray, trendy and soft, it will perfectly sublimate your silhouette.


Misty is a soft green, pastel hue for a dose of freshness and lightness.


A bright and acidic green, a color that will make you travel to Brazil. Its plus? Its color that will give you energy!


An intense and luminous orange, a very vitaminized color for a sunny summer dose.


A warm orange that recalls the ceramics and terracotta of the Mediterranean.


An intense and bright red with warm tones. The Pompei offers you a breath of freshness.


The Syrah offers a summery and intense hue that is close to a velvety Bordeaux.